Our business

Our firm is a privately held real estate investment and asset management business based in Barcelona, Spain.

We act as investors and managers of core plus and value added real estate investments and developments in the Spanish office market. In addition, we also have a selective interest in residential and mixed-use properties.

Our activities focus on the main Spanish urban markets of Madrid and Barcelona and on key secondary cities.

We have a flexible investment mandate and are backed by a large and diverse pool of first class international private and institutional investors.

Our investment strategies and process aim to produce above average, stable investment returns across real estate cycles.

About us

Entrepreneurial leadership operating with institutional standards

Our personal and professional background, our firm track record, the way we conduct our business, how we approach our investments and how we deal with stakeholders build our firm’s distinct personality and unique set of values:

  • International business, property and financial markets experience.
  • Investment experience spanning economic and property cycles.
  • First-class understanding of property market fundamentals and market dynamics.
  • Thinking outside the box driven by a healthy contrarian attitude plus a solid understanding of fundamentals.
  • Intensive partner involvement in investments, financings and to lead execution from beginning to exit.
  • Understanding of underlying business models to design sound business plans and solutions for prospective tenants.
  • Sophisticated real estate and financial skills to find the right business plan and capital structure.
  • Transaction execution skills honed in the most demanding real estate and investment firms.
  • Experience and ability to simplify complexity to create investable opportunities for our investors.
  • Ability to deploy funds in investment strategies with a variety of costs of capital.
  • Focus on building long-term bonds with a select group of investors with whom we enjoy strong personal relationships.
  • Unrelenting commitment to protect our investors’ interests and deliver on commitments.
  • Our partners make a significant capital contribution to investments to back our conviction.
  • Culture of excellence and ambitious investment performance.
  • Professional culture committed to the strictest confidentiality and integrity.

Our team

Our leadership team comprises a well balanced mix of real estate and finance experience built over a combined 65 year track record.

Our founding partners have a rich and diverse background; their experience covers highly complementary skills and different markets. Their track record managing assets on behalf of institutional investors with long-term fiduciary responsibilities has been built both during their tenure at regulated entities and at their privately held companies. The team’s investment capabilities include expertise in new developments, refurbishment and construction management.

Our firm operates with the same levels of professionalism and institutional standards our partners experienced while working for some of the leading global real estate and financial services companies.

We constantly look for new talent to recruit in all areas as the market environment evolves and creates new investment opportunities.

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Our history

Tramway Capital and Conren Land established their partnership in 2016

Tramway Capital and CONREN Land began their partnership at the end of 2016 with a first investment in SA65, an office development located in calle Sancho de Avila 65, at the heart of Barcelona’s dynamic 22@ district. Since then, this partnership has continue to build a high quality portfolio of office and mixed use developments comprising a total development surface of approximately 250,000 square metres.

Our founding partners

Tramway Capital is a privately held Spanish investment firm founded by brothers Jaime and Paco Hugas. Before launching ConrenTramway, Tramway Capital had invested in real estate assets and debt in the office, hotel, residential and healthcare markets. This was made possible with the backing of blue chip institutional investors from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Tramway Capital co-invests alongside its investors and manages its investments from beginning through to exit.

CONREN Land is a leading real estate investment manager founded in Frankfurt in 2007 with a team of over 60 highly qualified professionals. CONREN Land implements different strategies ranging from core, value-add to opportunistic and brown field real estate development investments. CONREN Land co-invests alongside its regulated open-ended institutional funds as well as with its club-deal private real estate vehicles. CONREN Land unites under one roof all disciplines within the commercial, technical asset and property management universe.

Members of

At ConrenTramway we are active members of local and international organisations. We engage in those organisations to exchange knowledge, learn and promote responsible investment in our activities, taking into account the interests of the communities we invest in and those of other current and future stakeholders.