About C.T.

Our Beginnings

Conren Tramway started as a partnership between Tramway Capital, a Spanish real estate investment firm, and CONREN Land AG, a German investment and asset manager in the office segment. Rapidly after launching our first office development in Barcelona's 22@, we launched a development and investment program in office, residential and mixed use segments under a co-investment model with the support of our investors.
Our business model and the relationships we have built from the beginning with them, have formed strong bonds that now are the bedrock in which we anchor our business and financial strenght.

Our Beginnings

Our Principles

At Conren Tramway we believe in fairness and in doing the right thing. We believe in diligence, responsibility and accountability. We believer in doing our homework, in a thorough and detailed manner to minimize and manage the risks we undertake in our investments. We believe in operating through standardized processes which help improve communication, control time and cost and reduce mistakes in the investment process.

We believe in treating people fairly: our team, brokers, builders, suppliers, investors and our community at large.

We believe if we operate sensibly and deploy our strategies under our operating principles, the market will reward our company and we will continue to grow through the real estate cycle and our people will create opportunities for our team.


Conren Tramway aims to accelerate society towards a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable future, one investment at a time.


Listening to society’s needs and regenerating urban landscapes.
Our Principles

Our Values

Creating outstanding work and living spaces where people and communities can thrive.

By being


We listen to people and respond, adapting to meet society’s needs.


We bring positive and lasting social and environmental impact beyond financial goals.

By working


We strive for excellence, ensuring accuracy and precision in everything we do.


We become long term partners, offering support and expertise well after development is complete.

By acting

With Conviction:

We have the confidence to do what we believe is right.

With Sincerity:

We can implement a business model based on integrity, transparency and trust.

Our Values

Our Stakeholders

Relationships are at the heart of our organisation. We are always interested in what everyone who takes part in making a project become a reality has to say. From the initial dreamers, practical investors, imaginative creatives and builders, nothing would be possible without the solid network of people we trust.


We have a customer-centric mindset from conception to execution, supporting and adapting to any of their needs because we want them to thrive.


Our team is the basis for our success. Their talent, cross-functional skills and expertise have allowed C.T. to outperform competition and excel consistently.


We seek sustainable long-term, two-way relationships with our supply chain: building mutual trust through continuous dialogue ensures the delivery exceptional results.


We are careful stewards of our investor’s capital, delivering on our commitments and managing each investment for a successful long-term relationship.

City planners

We work closely with city planners to enhance urban landscapes and make them more sustainable and innovative while respecting their heritage.


We want lasting positive social impact; therefore, we partner with local stakeholders to focus on critical local issues and build long-term community partnerships.


At Conren Tramway we are active members of local and international organisations. We engage in those organisations to exchange knowledge, learn and promote responsible investment in our activities.

Our Stakeholders

Our Team

Our firm, our team and our partners are in it for the long run. We are investors and developers covering the complete development cycle, from planning and construction to handover and management, across various property types. We are architects and engineers with a creative, can-do attitude who listen and respond to current and future societal and environmental needs to provide an array of innovative solutions.

Our Team


Entrepreneurial, resourceful, resilient, personable, growth, and solution-oriented individuals with a fine eye for detail and a love for real estate can find their place in our company. We want to cultivate your talent and help you grow into all your capabilities. If a bit of idea has the potential to become the seed for a significant change, we don't want to miss it.

Job Profiles

Our firm offers a variety of job profiles. We like to hear from enthusiastic professionals looking to build a career in real estate. Please get in touch with us for more information.