We develop,
and manage


We are a Spanish developer, investor and manager backed by a group of committed private and institutional investors, providing permanent capital for our different investment programmes: individual mandates, club deals and regulated funds.

In 2021 we launched our first core-plus fund, backed by blue-chip institutional investors. This fund is supervised and regulated by BaFin (the German financial markets regulator).


What we do

We began as an office developer company, but we have evolved to become a full-circle operation in investing, developing and managing work and life properties. Each of our teams manage the development and investment cycle with one goal in sight: delivering a high-quality product that suits our tenant’s needs. To achieve it, we implement the following investment strategies seeking balanced risk-adjusted returns.


Our investments focus on stabilised, fully or partially leased, cash-flowing assets in major core markets. When investing, our background as office-space developers equips us with a competitive advantage as we assess risk and potential returns for our investments.

Value Add

Our value-added investments seek to reposition assets by upgrading properties to current market standards, securing sustainability credentials, and fully leasing properties that stand entirely or partially empty. We undertake refurbishment and letting risk with our technical, asset, and leasing management teams.


Our developments focus on building class A, certified buildings for high quality users. We undertake and manage construction risk with our in-house technical team as a developer.

What we do

Where we invest in

We are specialists in the Spanish office market, from brownfield to existing yielding properties.

Our experience across market cycles and understanding of different asset classes powers our investment in residential, hospitality and other segments under development and refurbishment strategies.

Our investments prioritise the main urban markets of Madrid, Barcelona and other key secondary cities.


Single and multi-tenant properties, including turn-key bespoke developments for corporate clients.


Build to rent, build to sell and affordable housing.


Urban hotels and serviced living to reposition or within mixed use urban developments.

Where we invest in

How we do it

Our approach is to follow different strategies to create value in our property portfolio. Each plan is designed before acquiring and is executed through teamwork across the different departments in our organisation.

Landmark buildings

Landmark properties shape a city's personality. Our investment seeks to update their functionality and reinvigorate their impact in the community they serve by connecting them with new societal demands.

Repurposing Properties

From time to time, buildings need to be invested in, so their original purpose adjusts to evolving urban realities through a change of use, the redesign of space, structural works, energy efficiency, and sustainability improvements.

Speculative Office Developments

Speculative office development in consolidated areas for single and multiple tenants following our design principles. This is how we help create the infrastructure for a vibrant economy and urban regeneration.

Build to Suit

Our team works with end users and operators to define space needs, technical installations, quality and sustainability standards they seek to offer customers and employees; we take care of the rest.

Acquisition from Corporations

We support companies seeking to accelerate growth by releasing capital tied to property, acquiring their properties ("sale & lease back") and/or deploying more capital into their existing or new buildings ("build to suit").

Mixed-use Developments

Projects where a combination of uses, typically living and work spaces, create versatile places for the communities they are nested in to thrive.

Operating Assets

Development, investment and management of real estate operating assets in the living segment.

Properties for conversion

Outdated properties where our involvement can profoundly transform the layout and design of them, bringing buildings back to life while preserving their cultural and historical elements.

How we do it

Our Design Principles

Our design principles are driven by the well being of the end-user and sustainability. Our technical team and design planners create spaces that are integrated into their community, functional and sustainable; our goal is to build future-proof buildings from a technology point of view. Our spaces are made for people.

Climate & Energy

We are commited to the development and design of low-consumption energy buildings in order to actively contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint.

Innovative Design

Technical innovation plays an essential part in our design decisions; our team makes an effort to find the most optimal and efficient solution for each project.


Our buildings are designed for people. We prioritise the wellbeing of our users, as well as that of our neighbours.


We engage with our community at different levels, sharing knowledge and fostering active urbanism.

Our Design Principles

Our Capabilities

Our organisation is built to serve the needs of our partners, investors and the communities of which we are an active part. After all, what is suitable for our investor is good for our firm.
The know-how of our Management, Investment and Asset, Technical and Corporate Services teams ensure business, cost and time targets are met.

Investment & Asset Management

Our firm invests and manages. This gives us a good understanding of market and property dynamics to underwrite solid business plans with built-in flexibility. Our asset and lease management teams are involved in every step along the way of our investment activity, so we have realistic expectations about future outcomes.

  • Our team’s long-standing track record, credibility and market capillarity help source investment opportunities in our target investment segments.
  • In-house research and monitoring of market verticals help develop a better understanding of investments, value creation opportunities and risks.
  • Investment strategies are executed from beginning to end with a hands-on approach by our team.
  • Our profound understanding of underlying business models can help design sound business plans and solutions for prospective users.
  • Bespoke strategies are designed to serve our investors’ requirements better.
  • Our focus is to build long-term bonds with investors and other stakeholders.

Development & Project management

Our activities contribute to regenerating the urban landscape by developing spaces for people to work and live with a conscience for long-lasting positive social impact:

  • Our projects are designed by putting people, quality of life and the environment at the forefront.
  • A set of in house design and sustainability principles sets a solid concept design and design planning framework.
  • Our technical management team selects the best architects, design and urban planners and quantity surveyors in the market to design and execute our developments.
  • An experienced in house team of architects and engineers follow a fully integrated proprietary development process to control tasks, costs and time from acquisition and land management to the final handover to a tenant or purchaser.
  • Our technical team selects general contractors for our work amongst technically and financially solvent first-class construction companies.
  • External project monitoring is contracted to control all projects from execution and financial perspective.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services team comprises accounting, finance, treasury, legal, tax, IT and HR capabilities, providing our team with a grasp of details in real-time and the complete control of our processes, deadlines and information.

  • The Finance team manages accounting, controlling, cash flow planning and internal and external reporting for all of the group’s companies; it is also responsible for financing our investments and works with external advisors on transaction structuring.
  • The Legal team takes care of legal matters and risk management while applying strict independence, objectivity and prudence criteria. They are assisted in our transactions by a pool of first-class legal firms we work with.
  • Human Resources focuses on attracting and retaining talent and providing our management and team members with the right tools for professional and personal growth and development.
Our Capabilities

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